Dear Jennifer Watson

i know you used to worship behind walls with no windows

and you say,
that its a cult and yr dun wth it,
that you’ve awakened.
must be the drugs
cuz that stuff has changed since, shit,
i hurd a similar story from yr older sister
(but then again hers was more of a question).
that bee was notorious for lettin dudes do rails off her tits,
‘n sure she blew rails off cocks but not near as off’n.
bitch dun married a j-dub too doe
and called up mom’s t’break the good nooz too, hun.

and i suppose you mite not get back in tuch with jah
but yr lil hiatus means nuthn to thgreatist.
we all know it seize you win y’take it up the butt slut
(partly cuz pregnint
ain’t quite on the list just yit).

we all noze
you dooz it to be dirty.

and that’s cool.

funny cuz we also noze
you’ll end up one of those bees
who gives it to his man
and doesn’t even cry about it
when it split.
yull just point it out to him when he massages y’hemroid.

and one day
one day you’ll call it a day
and call up to gee
(cuz you still love yr family).
you’ll apologize and step back behind those walls.
you just needed a break.
to see the world outside.
and now that you want kids
you need to stay away from “those other guys”.

i still doubt you’ll have the community that she did,
yr sis,
cuz she never faked it.
no one ever judged her for loving god.

your pal
ursa urn

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One thought on “Dear Jennifer Watson

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