Texual Transcripts 1 (ursa and Pont)

The following is a transcription of todays business meeting.

  • ursa urn


  • Pont
    see i can bee mysterious too
  • ursa urn
    Don’t mystery me.
  • Pont
    I remember there was this chick on the internet who had this website her parents paid for to advertise her shitty self-published fantasy book, which she pimped under fake amazon names saying shit like “youngest author in the world” and “so good omg” and the book literally started with an ellipsis. An ellipsis, Boo-Boo.
  • ursa urn
    Lolz. How do you find this shit?
    When i think of people’s knowledge of the world I think I’m way fucking behind.
    For example, people’s film knowledge.
    Where do people get all the time?
    And then how do I never see certain films?
  • Pont
    4chan when i was a kid, various outlets now like encyclopedia dramatica, deviant art, livejournal and reddit. So, in other words, I get it second hand from 4chan.
  • ursa urn
    And the internets too? I guess I don’t really go looking for seriously unfamiliar ideas
    Like you are not that much younger than I am. How did I miss 4chan?
    I am so sheltered
  • Pont
    I don’t know man, fuck. I’ve spent so long on the internet. I barely remember anything from my real life as a teen. The only way I had to catalogue time passing were my bookmarks menu, my forum activity history, and the cultural history of the internet
    Jaded in their minds, sheltered from reality.
  • ursa urn
    Yeah but i don’t remember exactly being “engaged” with the world. Goddam.
    I feel like my life has been laced with missed opportunities but I remember a friend saying “it was fun for us, might not have been for you. After all you said you had fun doing what you were doing”
  • Pont
    You should have been an internet kid, the whole thing here is not truly connecting with the world, but observing it as malicious ghosts would


  • ursa urn
    … I want to hyperlink to this girl with the ellipsis book and websites.
  • Pont
    I’m having a hard time finding this book
  • ursa urn
    What is it called or what is it about
  • Pont


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