Dear Desiree Pastel

so, yr a girl with many male friends?

yeah, you and every other girl who is desperately seeking reassurance that men still accept them or whatever.
but it’s cool.
you can manipulate them into grabbing things for you.
and even when they insult you physically, emotionally, you’ll remind yourself that yr “one of the boys”, that they’re yr boys, and that they’re doing it cuz they love you, cuz yr one of them now.
cuz you gotta learn to be tough.
and so you give them yr love.
cuz you can tell them what’s what, girl.
you can tell em to shut the fuck up, right?
and you’ve earned this seat of the only girl they’ll ever hang around and respect.
and god forbid they find another woman when you leave.
you’ll be all “come back boys, come back to me” and “bitch, don’t know these men like i do”.
and they fawn and paw at yr ego, cuz they know it takes just a couple compliments to put yr mind at ease.

but yr not the only one they wanna hang around. yr just there fr now, not like yr the only one gettin th’ego stroked.
they get it from all around.
mum still knows all the words that start with b, that makes a man latch onto her leg and beg for attention.
the type only a mother can dish out.
lets not forget to mention the food.

so cling on to yr dream of getting gang raped psychologically by the people you’ll never actually sleep with.
you don’t actually need the dick in you, do you?

your pal
ursa urn

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One thought on “Dear Desiree Pastel

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