Yoko Kanno Week- #1

This week on E. Leventine, we will be highlighting the extremely eclectic work of composer Yoko Kanno of Japan.

Lets start things off with a video. This is a live performance of one of her most iconic songs, “Tank!” (from the original score of Cowboy Bebop) performed by the band she fronts, The Seatbelts. That’s her, onstage in a red leather duster, simply dancing while the crowd goes understandably insane at her mere presence.

As any Japanophile knows, Yoko Kanno is responsible for some of the best pan-media original scores composed this century. You’ll find her work in anime, video games, TV shows and on the pop charts through her work with various Japanese pop idols. The genres she composes range from electronica to blues to straight up operas. She writes songs in Japanese, English, French and what sound like dead latin-based languages I can’t for the life of me place.

We’re in for a good week.



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3 thoughts on “Yoko Kanno Week- #1

  1. dblbasscleph says:

    Looking forward to more updates in kanno week! I’ve been reviewing some j-jazz recently that was likely influenced by her.

    If I remember correctly I believe she “invented” her own lanuage for some of the vocals??

    • E.Leventine says:

      Did she really? I wouldn’t put it past her. I can imagine it: “This song doesn’t sound quite right… Fuck it, new language.”
      Or just half using a language (prime example: live in baghdad)

      I’ll have to check out your blog for all this j-jazz you’ve been reviewing.

  2. […] Yoko Kanno. If you are just joining us now, here are the first six parts so you can catch up: #1 (Intro) #2 (Jazz and Blues) #3 (Classical) #4 (Rock and Metal) #5 (Electronic and Ambient) #6 (Pop Music […]

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