White Girl with an Acoustic Guitar

just another blonde bitch with a labret,
plays acoustic guitar, all her songs sound the same
tried to dye her hair black but it looks like she’s balding
like a spalding with a wig on, but scalding if shes natural

i think i hear her father calling
she got the force, and he’ll fall over trying to forget he has to protect it
thats why the bitch bites her toungue trying not to say daddy when she’s getting the sex. yes.
he blames himself but enough is enough
she’s a grown woman now the tough guy act is over.
and colder and colder his emotions grow as his dick grows towards her the older she gets.
so he avoids her. til he learns to control his boner.
except on the phone.
and she usually calls him, cos he calls less often these days.
she’s off the phone and she says, “he’s died,”
and she doesn’t skip a beat getting back to her life.
she does cry, though, behind closed doors
cos she would hate for mum or anyone to see her break down before them

now, then…
she came up to me dancing and grabbed my hands.
i could barely stand.
i whispered her her name.
she remembered when we met.
then she was suddenly less interested, now that she knew i knew her old boyfriend
who i would call an acquaintance.
she still got all stand offish and maybe offended.
she ditched after the song was over. that`s how my friday ended.

ursa urn

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