Yoko Kanno Week #3

Today on E. Leventine’s Yoko Kanno profile week, we will be focusing on some of her more classically written pieces. You know, with the orchestras and the grand pianos and the opera singers and what what. Here goes.

The first track was written for the 2007 anime series Darker Than Black. To me it seems to be written d’apres Debussy, but I can’t find any sources to back that up. Confession time, guys. I used to listen to this in the dark, in my room, and pretend I had been broken up with. That’s right. I pretended I got dumped for fun or something. Do we have any therapists following this blog? Anyway, enjoy this piano piece as I did. It’s the perfect thing for when you want to really enjoy that melancholy mood you’re in.
Darker Than Black- Yin No Piano

Next song is from Vision of Escaflowne. It’s got more of a full-orchestral thing going on for it. This is actually the first Kanno song I ever heard, back when I was discovering that Sailor Moon wasn’t the only anime in existence. I wasn’t aware it was her, and only heard the song again years later. When I realized what I was listening to and that Yoko Kanno had written it, I felt like she had ghosted through my childhood almost undetected.
The Vision of Escaflowne, Lovers Only- Arcadia

Again, a track from  Darker Than Black. There’s a seriously theatrical melodramatic vein running through this soundtrack, and this M25-3  is certainly no exception. Confession time: one time I was walking home at night in the city when my shuffle button brought this song up on my iPod. A black dog suddenly walked into my path, looked at me pointedly and walked away. Suddenly thinking there was some incredible meaning to this, I followed the dog for forty minutes. Absolutely nothing of note went down.
Darker Than Black M25-3

No Yoko Kanno compilation can be made on my watch without at least one track from Cowboy Bebop. Anyone who has watched this series and knows which scene this song  accompanies can join me in saying OH MY GAAAAWD. It was one of the first times I can remember seeing the practice of intentionally striking an agreeable discord between a scene of action and violence and fragile, delicate music.
Cowboy Bebop OST- Green Bird

Yeah, it’s another Bebop track. A really incredible take on a the classic Ave Maria, and one of the rare instances that I really enjoy a male opera singer’s performance. I am opera sexist. I will fight you about it. Confession time, guys. I used to listen to this on my headphones when I went snowboarding. Like I even need to defend myself on that one.
Cowboy Bebop OST III- Ave Maria

Recommended tracks are more than welcome in the comments!


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