Santa and the Enchanted Delorean (Cover Art 1)

santa finished2

Finally got the cover art done for the last Amazing Lee Possibles demo, Santa and the Enchanted Delorean (Demolish Us 3).
Super heroes from the future with a great band. Correction. Dead band. The band leader wants Ursa to assist him with unfinished albums and art. Bizarre but whatever.
Stuart Driedger is an artist and mostly a musician from BC. Ursa Urn will be releasing some of his works and our graphic collaborations here on E Leventine for your viewing pleasure. Amazing Lee Possibles is kind of a punk rock thing. There’s some jazz elements and odd time signatures in the collection. Stuart assures me his next release (full length live album of the band’s first performance) will be much worse than these demos but far more entertaining. Is that good marketing? …? …it’s a paycheck.

He said for this cover he really wanted to have it look like the Santa and the Delorean he sent me appears to be coming out from or causing  the big bang. Band logo and “Santa” font supplied by Stuart Driedger. Back to the Future font by Cyril Bourreau jacked and utilized from

Whatever, he’s stoked, i’m stoked. We are on fire now.

In the mean time, stay tuned for the official comic book release.

ursa urn

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3 thoughts on “Santa and the Enchanted Delorean (Cover Art 1)

  1. […] we go, boys and girls! As Boo-Boo mentioned in our last post with the Santa and the Delorean and all, collective member Stuart Driedger (with eraticon studios) […]

  2. Great cover. Thanks for your kind comment. Aline’s book Need more Love is wonderful. Robert is great too.

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