Straw Feminists (Kate Beaton)

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straw feminists

Kate Beaton is a Canadian cartoonist (Hark! A Vagrant). Also, she is one of the coolest, funniest dames on the internet. Also, a really fantastic feminist. Feminists making fun of feminists is one of the best, most productive things you can do to create dialogue within the movement.

Whenever I see a feminist on TV, she’s always like “Ugh, oh my god, men.  I hate all of  them, I’m a feminist.” In reality, very few women actively hate all men. We all have fathers and brothers and sons we love, so when I see women like this in fiction, I’m like “Who is writing this crap?”
Well. I suppose Kate Beaton is, but she’s allowed.


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4 thoughts on “Straw Feminists (Kate Beaton)

  1. Rosie says:

    I love this comic so much.

  2. How funny! A clever bit of sarcasm.

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