Astronaut & Robot: Dialogue 3

astronautrobot 3

Dialogue 3 of BMCMBs Astronaut & Robot.
This installment was apparently the first she ever drew and was recently dug out from her presumably dusty old box of art.
You guys should honestly have seen the crumpled, badly-scanned mess she sent to me to salvage. I did a totally half-assed job.
Sorry B.

Dialogues 1 and 2 can be found here.


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7 thoughts on “Astronaut & Robot: Dialogue 3

  1. phoenolf says:

    I liked the art but if only I understood what she was saying >_<

    • E.Leventine says:

      yeah, tell me about it. jeesh.

      • phoenolf says:

        aren’t you the one drawing these or you are uploading for someone?

      • E.Leventine says:

        I see where the confusion is coming from, but yeah, I post this jazz on behalf of BMCMB, who is totally computer illiterate and needs me (ARE YOU READING THIS B?)
        Although I have been trying to get her to sign up with an account so she can respond to her comments in person.

        My name is Pont, you’ve been communicating with me. A bunch of friends of mine have gotten together to form this media collective, a lot of what we post comes from different people. There’s stuff from Ursa Urn, BMCMB, Stuart Driedger, and a few others upcoming.

      • phoenolf says:

        yeah that clears up a lot of things but I must say, your friends are really talented OwO

      • E.Leventine says:

        we’ve got some decent stuff cooking, many fanks

      • phoenolf says:

        I am very eager to see what your friends are cooking up next OwO

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