Meme Monday: Milhouse is Not a Meme

milouse wiki

Behold! Internet culture’s prime example of meta humour, Milhouse. For a brief rundown, I quote Encyclopedia Dramatica:
Milhouse is not a meme
Milhouse is not a meme is a meme
Milhouse is not a meme is a meme is also a meme”

Get it? This Meme started, as most do, on 4chan, specifically within /b/. As one does on 4chan, anonymous posted something along the lines of : “If this post ends in 4, Milhouse is a meme”. Milhouse as a meme works in my mind, after all, he is the original Meg Griffin, but 4chan thought differently. Suddenly /b/ was filled with throngs of people who seemingly possessed a heretofore unparalelled amount of hatred for Milhouse, and would stop at nothing to see Milhouse’s dream of memedom be quashed.

never milouse

The internet is a funny thing, though. Trolls can never resist. Because of the passionately negative response to Milhouse, there was a flooding of trolls posting incendiary Milhouse picture and comments, sparking such an overwhelming reaction that the prevention of Milhouse’s meme, itself, became a meme. Sorry, /b/.
mom sez

not a meme
I personally find it inspiring that Milhouse, legendary whipping boy that even the internet hates was whipped so hard by his oppressors, his whipping became legend. I salute him. And on an unrelated note, here are some of my favorite Milhouse moments.


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