Friends of E.Leventine: Arumakan

arumakan accounting

Having asked around about this Arumakan character, a mutual friend described spending time with her as “cathartic and wonderfully angry”  and characterizes her personal outlook on life as being “100% legit in the most hilariously brutal way” (quotes from BMCMB). She sounds like our kind of dame, please to inspect with us?

If you follow this DeviantArt link, you’re going to find some luscious and precisely rendered work in prismas, inks, and digital.  You can track her progress as an artist through her gallery and, unlike so many, her steady improvement over the years is apparent. There’s a healthy dose of old-school fanart, some wicked original pieces and some of the coolest, most humble manga-style self-portraits you’re going to find on the internet. Seriously, does this not look like a promotional poster from Kill Bill?
selfy arumakan

Honestly, if anyone out there is used to dealing with anime artists on the internet, you’re used to seeing stuff like this:

"self-portrait" by Neko Ainu

“self-portrait” by Neko Ainu

Not to detract from Neko Ainu’s artistry skills or anything, but seriously? Cat ears? Why do you look like you’ve been cornered in a dark alley? You drew this of yourself? You’re not going to find any of those weeaboo shenanigans on Arukaman’s court.

I leave you with the only completion of Nyu’s Art Meme that I have ever personally enjoyed.
about arumakan

-Posted by Pont, artist recommendation by BMCMB

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4 thoughts on “Friends of E.Leventine: Arumakan

  1. golembook says:

    You always know how to find the good ones!! 🙂


  2. fciprian2013 says:

    Love your blog. I interrupted my regularly scheduled blog to write about yours. I’m posting the results tomorrow (4/4/13)

    • E.Leventine says:

      hey, I love that blog! you just got back from haiti, correct? so excited to be featured! I would love to do a silly interview about your travels (and I mean SILLY), I’d love to do a post about you too. fanks very much

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