Hercules line read fail

You know how actors sometimes read off cue cards in terrible shows? You know how the scripted dialogue on said cue cards will include some instructional asides, like:
JOHNNY:”You are tearing me APART, LISA!” (hysterical)
SAMUEL L: “English, motherfucker, do you SPEAK it?” (angry)
or even
HERCULES: “Wait a minute… This isn’t my world.” (dissapointed)

He thought it was dialogue. He thought he was supposed to say ‘disappointed’ and he damn well gave it his all, folks. This man must have been a delight to work with.


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9 thoughts on “Hercules line read fail

  1. phoenolf says:

    …….I am speechless….that he actually said that >w<

  2. This thrilled me.. gave me the best sort of giddy manic feeling for some reason 🙂

  3. […] I posted the Hercules Line Read Fail I went on a Kevin Sorbo bender, thinking I would find a wealth of hilarious evidence that he (as I […]

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