Hercules Bloopers

After I posted the Hercules Line Read Fail I went on a Kevin Sorbo bender, thinking I would find a wealth of hilarious evidence that he (as I put it)
“…must have been a delight to work with”.

I did find such evidence, but not the footage I expected of Sorbo being an idiot and screwing up lines. I found the best blooper reel I have ever seen. I came into this expecting to make fun of him for being an idiot, but Kevin Sorbo made an idiot out of me. He just might be the most pleasant guy ever. It doesn’t matter how tacky the scene is, or how melodramatic his lines are, as soon as he breaks character it’s clear Sorbo is having way more fun than should be strictly possible. Damn it, people, Kevin Sorbo should be our new Chuck Norris.

Pont’s Highlight: my favorite, 2:30


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4 thoughts on “Hercules Bloopers

  1. I love that show. One comment: did you know that your font can be hard to read against the dark background? Maybe white font and a little larger? Just my opinion 😉

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