Hospital Visit: FYI

Stuart Driedger is one of ursa’s pet artists, and a frequent E. Leventine contributor. He has previously released a concept album (Demolish Us Vol 3, with The Amazing Lee Possibles) which ties in with an upcoming collaborative comic project between he and ursa, Santa and the Enchanted Delorean. His most recent submissions were his collection of semi-coherent diaries written while he was hospitalized.

ursa interviewed Stu and compiled a sort of chronology/index to accompany each chapter. Key words are linked to reference articles for clarity. The notes for each chapter are linked to the relevant diary entry, and should help untangle the drugged up stream-of-thought mania that are his hospital diaries.

-Intro and edit by Pont

ok so stuart tells URSA he has ankylosing spondylitis which has a tendency to be inflamed when his crohn’s colitis acts up. the docs performed an arthrotomy of the hip.

1 Saturday
he mentions getting an xray, bonescan, and ultrasound.
the docs offer stu tylenol 3 or morphine and the docs tell him the two are basically the same thing.
there’s a brief joke about ethics.
when his balls itchy lying in bed it’s because of a disinfectant called hibitane.

2 Sunday
stu’s a fan of airplane food and tells URSA he was disappointed and thought the hospital would have been better competition.
Kill Bill is a must watch film.
darren’s girlfriend brings in tim hortons, canada as fuck.
the nurses wanna know if darren’s been shitting, later they wanna know the same about stu.

matt brings in mags n books
Power Tools for Reason
Paul Zollo‘s Songwriters on Songwriting where stuart read about
Frank Zappa
Burt Bacharach
Tom Petty

darren brings mags
about motocross
about atv
Popular Mechanics
Playboy, with some kinda bulldozer mag as the cover (hilarious)
stuart read none of them

3 Monday
stu forgets to mention his dad’s an ortho
herb was cycling most of rails to trails
herb breaks his clav and pelvis and has had a vasectomy

4 Tuesday
morning wood
when i first heard about staph, i was like woah really, you can almost die from that?
stu tells URSA, mum makes best beef stroganoff.
on tv he watches Trailer Park Boys,
rickee puts it on turner classic movies and Wheel of Fortune where they guess ventriloquist

5 Wednesday
stuart talks about his PICC line
and dick cheese

6 Thursday
stu dreams about sodomizing girls, being a ninja, golems, sand creatures and Neil Patrick Harris. lolz
he gets an MRI and says it sounds like somethink from Willie Wonka or Dr Seuss
the doctors had him taking CEFTRIAXONE and VANCOMYCIN, both are antibiotics.

7 Friday
he imagines the voice of the home care nurse sounding like Barney
oh yes and the tuberculosis test.

ursa urn

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