Pont’s Comics: Teaser

I have recently been given access to a motley assortment of comics from many different publishers ranging from the late eighties to the early ninetines (more than twenty years ago now, wtf?). I just finished cataloging them, so I’m very pleased to announce my spring comics reading list!

The following gallery contains snapshots of the comics I will be reading, reviewing, gushing over and making fun of. Each review will contain a bit of a history, page scans, and a segment I will call “Out of Context Comics”. Should be fun!

Hover your mouse over the images for the comic title. If you see any you want me to bump to the front of the reading list; can do! Let me know and I’ll cite you in the review so everyone knows what a dork you are.


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4 thoughts on “Pont’s Comics: Teaser

  1. I love a comic… Lots of colour!!!!!

  2. […] Pont’s Comics: Teaser – Stacks of old comic books from . . . twenty years ago(!) might get the county to take your kids away, but also sounds fun: […]

  3. […] promised in the teaser that I’d be taking requests. Dead Homer’s Society, a super keen Simpson’s blog […]

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