Dear Paris Talant-Bleak, (Y?)

…so many girlfriends
such little time, Paris
and if there was ever a bitch in the bunch, Paris
your number would be up, Paris
cuz yooz the capital queen
with an upper case ITCH.
(i’m thru scratchin)
i give it all to you
and we don’t have to fuck to get those projections finished.
in my head you’ve already won my affection.
i don’t blame your man-man (dick) for bein unsupportive witchya
espreshly when you ain yet did any ol thang fryrself bitch
stupid bitch
silly ass stupid worker bee
honey, i doubt it sweet when you gotta leave when yr 29 30
life is over…
an ya relize ya did nothing
who’m i to judge a waitriss who gets shit tips and sleeps the rest o the daze away away away away away… away…
i meant it when i said i hope your menstruation bleeds all over the bed for him
bess hims you gi’n pregnin wiff soon too
and if he don’t i hope he drowns that voice of yours under a pillow
with his foot in yr mouth and his straight dick in your ass
(so gitcherself a baby to fill that other gap).
and i thought i was doin you a favor when i gave you all o mine
figured you would at least have had the time to call me back.
we were
after all
on a roll…
my hands are up,
silly me
4 i am the bitch
the stupid silly bitch
4 waiting on your ass
this might be the only time I can honestly say i’m disappointed in someone other than myself.
and it breaks my heart.

sincerest ever
ursa urn

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