Meme Monday: X? In my Y?

A very simple meme, X in my Y all started with this online ad by ContentWatch. You may remember it.

x in my y source

Something about this ad just hit that internet sweet spot. The combination of porn, family values, and the holier-than-thou look on that woman’s face resulted in a wealth of image macro goodness.

The simplicity of this meme lends itself well to characters of all mediums. Just imagine their outraged voices incredulously exclaiming, “X? In my Y?” Now just replace the X and Y with themes from your favorite movie/book/whatever, and make sure you use Apple Garamond Light. The internet is very strict about this.

snakes my plane

pirates my carribean
my mordor

milouse my meme

References to Milhouse? In my article? It’s more likely than you think.

Wait, hold on folks, I’m now being told that it’s not Monday. Ok, disregard this. Disregard the whole article.


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