About Us

E. Leventine is a media collective founded by a ragtag group of intolerable artistic types from various disciplines and varying degrees of education. Leventine and Pont had a brainbaby: to start a blog to promote their projects and their favorite things as lazily as possible. Leventine’s project is other people’s art. Pont’s project is to aimlessly enjoy the internet.
Through the six-degrees of separation effect, every contributor is loosely linked to each other, or to Leventine directly. There are moderators, contributors, and moderators who are also contributors.

Listen up and I’ll break it down fresh-prince style.
Now this is a story
All about how
Our blog–
Nope. You know, what, nope. Nevermind.

Whose specific funtion is to manage and post original content from contributors, to review feature artists from outside the collective, to hype our favorite internet frivolity, and to occasionaly do what Leventine asks us to.

Pont is mostly in charge of posting articles, mostly contributes to the frivolity section, and is mostly talentless. Pont doesn’t contribute any original content, but is omnipresent. Like a bartender at a bar that hosts awesome bands. And that bartender just happens to be really close friends with the super cool owner of the bar: Leventine. Pont is also writing this bio.

ursa urn
ursa urn is our resident writer and fellow promoter. ursa tends to be in charge of the collaborative projects with fellow contributors, and can frequently be seen throwing infantile rantrums to/about exes, and talking business with Pont.


  • BMCMB: resident artist/cartoonist, whose backlog of work started our original content collection.
  • Stuart Driedger: resident musician/writer/artist, who collaborates with both ursa and BMCMB. He doesn’t have a header. :*(
  • ursa urn: Like I said, resident writer, ‘fruit of the womb’ (why did i agree to typing that?!), and occasional dropper of what the f-bombs of all variety.
  • Frivolity: Our section for hyping artists and content not associated with collective members. Contains video clips, music, reviews, pix and sarcasm.If you have any questions, or if you would like to contribute to Leventine as a guest artist or reviewer, hit me up (yo) at 11pont11@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. archibald dalliard says:

    way to keep it real

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