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Long No Something

arright k

so a bunch of stuff has gone down since last post, including the disappearance of our beloved boss and rich friend.

E has gone missing.

he left us a picture at the office like a month or so ago and that’s all we’ve heard from him since.

image l

we kinda didn’t know what to do.

regardless, our artists have actually been working quite a bit.

let’s begin with some togetherness.

driedjisssss has been mad colabbing and has a series of wicked awesome musics we thought would be nice to share.

we’re going to have a series of interviews between him and the other E peeps shortly.

ursa urn


MashUp March: No Pause

Girl Talk is a lot of fun. More on him later, meanwhile, a track:

One of the masters of mashup, his mixes are so good I often find myself listening to a song he samples wishing I was listening to the mashup instead. That is huge for me, considering my overall pickyness regarding remixes in general.
The following is a list of songs used in No Pause, taken from the video’s YouTube description (along with their time stamp):

0:00 Faith Evans – Love Like This
0:00 Fatman Scoop – Be Faithful
0:00 Missy Elliott – Work It
0:18 Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait
1:01 Heart – Magic Man
1:04 Public Enemy – Rebel Without a Pause
1:32 Len – Steal My Sunshine (which samples More, More, More by The Andrea True Connection)
1:32 Young Leek – Jiggle It
1:33 Spank Rock – Sweet Talk
1:46 Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels
1:49 Cheap Trick – I Want You to Want Me
1:49 E-40 – Tell Me When to Go
1:49 Missy Elliott – Ching a Ling
2:08 Run-DMC – Peter Piper
2:22 Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze
2:28 Yael Naim – New Soul
2:37 Eminem – Shake That
3:03 Swizz Beatz – Money In The Bank


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