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Texual Transcripts 6 (ursa and Pont)

The following is a transcription of today’s business meeting. For more transcriptions, click here.

  • ursa
  • Pont
  • ursa
    that post?!?! that transcript?!?!
  • Pont
    Oh yeah, our artists decided to take matters into their own hands.
  • ursa
    and you let them?!
  • Pont
    Listen you might not like this subtle reality but i blame you a little bit.
    Just a wee bit
    When was the last time you posted any of your artists work?
  • ursa
    you blame me?!?!
  • Pont
    sonsofbitches are restless k? Can’t blame them for misrepresentation.
  • ursa
    but your artist did this!
    they are stepping out of the chain of command
  • Pont
    I must say I have been getting a little slack here but you don’t have like any content.
    What has Stuart been up to is he sending you art? I can’t run this ship on my own you know.
  • ursa
    alright, i admit, i have beem slacking off but friggin DOUBLE YOU THE EFF?!
  • Pont
    pow pow! bang! I just posted it to keep you on your toes. appreciate it.
  • ursa
    but there are real identity killers in there i am not stoked.

  • Pont
    sorry totally cooking.


    totally cooking this, specifically. antipasto waits for no “man”

  • ursa
  • Pont
    Get on that artist of yours. Ride that fucker like the sun’s burning out. Like where’s SANTA. where’a the music? Where’s that Amazing Lee Possible full length? Stuart has told me he will most likely be reuniting with Amazing lee possibles why haven’t you written anything about any of that?


    will you drink that runoff once more, stu?

    And what aboutt he whole WRRD HRRDR WEDNESDAYS?

  • ursa
    and the format of the transcript is so off
    ugh etymology… and me and stu so talk about that…
    well i feel like an kevin’s mom when she realized her kid was missing.
  • Pont
    Great film. and Joe Pesci.
  • ursa
  • Pont
    Happy 70th indeed. Guh, I’m getting older.
  • ursa
    i will fix this.
    and what is with the BOLD LETTERS that say highly unauthorized? ugh you have a way about making us look bad…
    i can’t even use foul language this makes me mad.
  • Pont
    Believe it.
    I mean we’re obv past you apologizing
  • ursa
    oh no you dih’in. bitch you done effed yo mouff.
  • Pont
    Bring it.
  • ursa
    i’ll be bringing the chuck norris variety.
    or if Mr Lee had a beard i would be coming at you like the many more and much more powerful fists of fury unleashing at you right meow.
    i never get head aches this makes me want to have obe
  • Pont
    Who’s obe? is he cute?
  • ursa
    * dammit.
    ugh he’s your dog.
    where does the chuck norris meme originate?
  • Pont
    you mean other than that they are facts?
    i hate you so much for asking that. who asks shit like that. this is why we can’t have nice things, and why our contributors are going over our heads to get shit done.


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Santa and the Enchanted Delorean (Cover Art 1)

santa finished2

Finally got the cover art done for the last Amazing Lee Possibles demo, Santa and the Enchanted Delorean (Demolish Us 3).
Super heroes from the future with a great band. Correction. Dead band. The band leader wants Ursa to assist him with unfinished albums and art. Bizarre but whatever.
Stuart Driedger is an artist and mostly a musician from BC. Ursa Urn will be releasing some of his works and our graphic collaborations here on E Leventine for your viewing pleasure. Amazing Lee Possibles is kind of a punk rock thing. There’s some jazz elements and odd time signatures in the collection. Stuart assures me his next release (full length live album of the band’s first performance) will be much worse than these demos but far more entertaining. Is that good marketing? …? …it’s a paycheck.

He said for this cover he really wanted to have it look like the Santa and the Delorean he sent me appears to be coming out from or causing  the big bang. Band logo and “Santa” font supplied by Stuart Driedger. Back to the Future font by Cyril Bourreau jacked and utilized from dafont.com.

Whatever, he’s stoked, i’m stoked. We are on fire now.

In the mean time, stay tuned for the official comic book release.

ursa urn

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Santa and the Enchanted Delorean (Concept Art 2)

santalorean - Copy

More Concept Art by ursa urn for Santa and the Enchanted Delorean

Keep your eye out for  the first chapter, coming soon.

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