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Yoshitaka Amano #3

Part 3 of BMCMBs Yoshitaka Amano featurette.

Today’s gallery is part 1/2 of pieces from Amanos’s collection The Virgin.

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Meme Monday: X? In my Y?

A very simple meme, X in my Y all started with this online ad by ContentWatch. You may remember it.

x in my y source

Something about this ad just hit that internet sweet spot. The combination of porn, family values, and the holier-than-thou look on that woman’s face resulted in a wealth of image macro goodness.

The simplicity of this meme lends itself well to characters of all mediums. Just imagine their outraged voices incredulously exclaiming, “X? In my Y?” Now just replace the X and Y with themes from your favorite movie/book/whatever, and make sure you use Apple Garamond Light. The internet is very strict about this.

snakes my plane

pirates my carribean
my mordor

milouse my meme

References to Milhouse? In my article? It’s more likely than you think.

Wait, hold on folks, I’m now being told that it’s not Monday. Ok, disregard this. Disregard the whole article.


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Pont’s Comics: Simpsons Illustrated, Vol 1 (1991)

I promised in the teaser that I’d be taking requests. Dead Homer’s Society, a super keen Simpson’s blog you should visit, mentioned my Simpsons comics in this postClose enough, request granted.

Simpsons Illustrated, Vol 1

The first series of Simpsons Illustrated comics were published between 1991 and 1993, and read half as a fan magazine, and half as a publication within the Simpsons universe, including mock advertisements, news articles and fake products.

Today I’ll be looking through Vol 1 and posting my favorite bits. If you notice anything in the index you’d like to see, tell me so in the comments, and I will scan it for you. Speaking of index:

simpsons illustrated vol 1 index edit

Usually I’d be posting the cover page first, but my copy of Simpsons Illustrated Vol 1 has no cover. These comics are not well tended for. Oh well, all the better to fold and scan them!

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MashUp March: Ghostwriter

More mashup March, because fuck April.

I hope it’s not too obvious that I try to skim a little below the surface when I choose feature tracks for Leventine, but I do. I try to avoid redundancy, and although most mashup fans (and trip hop fans) will have heard this track, it needs to me mentioned.

Ghostwriter by RJD2 is a bit of an abstract mashup. I had one of those moments when I first heard it, I stopped everything I was doing and played it three times in a row. It wasn’t until I started researching its artist that I realized I had heard bits and pieces of the song before. Specifically, Elliot Smith and Paul Desmond. Here is a great blog article that breaks this song down in terms of sampling.

The real achievement here is how unique Ghostwriter sounds, despite being a Frankenstein of other music. Almost like the source tracks had a baby. It has Elliott Smiths eyes, The Delfonics’ hair, Paul Desmond’s smooth charm, but it still has its own identity and will always have a nostalgic place in my heart.


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MashUp March: Shine Bright

I have a fondness for pop music my cooler friends will never understand. Having said that, I can also be a harsh critic, because I have certain expectations of it. It has to amuse me. I don’t go to pop music looking for deep meaning or new ideas. I just want fun.

2012 was not a great year in pop music for me. I didn’t hate most of it (it was no 2001-02), but it did reek of Taylor Swift’s emotional insecurity and lazy, invasive Dubstep. With that in mind, it’s particularly impressive that DJ Earworm still turned out one of his best yearly mashups to date. Since 2007, the San-Fran based DJ has taken the chart topping songs of the year and fused them into a single cohesive track.

It’s an interesting exercise; it speaks as much to DJ Earworm’s imagination as it does to the blandness of today’s pop. Exactly how easy was it, I wonder, to combine these songs to make it sound better than all of them individually? Maybe not as hard as you think, considering how many 2012 hits featured the word “tonight” in a leading role. Oh well, it’s still a great track, I can dance to it: PASS.
DJ Earworm: United States of Pop 2012 (Shine Bright)

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Hercules Bloopers

After I posted the Hercules Line Read Fail I went on a Kevin Sorbo bender, thinking I would find a wealth of hilarious evidence that he (as I put it)
“…must have been a delight to work with”.

I did find such evidence, but not the footage I expected of Sorbo being an idiot and screwing up lines. I found the best blooper reel I have ever seen. I came into this expecting to make fun of him for being an idiot, but Kevin Sorbo made an idiot out of me. He just might be the most pleasant guy ever. It doesn’t matter how tacky the scene is, or how melodramatic his lines are, as soon as he breaks character it’s clear Sorbo is having way more fun than should be strictly possible. Damn it, people, Kevin Sorbo should be our new Chuck Norris.

Pont’s Highlight: my favorite, 2:30


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MashUp March: Tequila Lip Gloss

For the rest of March, I’ll be posting some of the choicest mashup songs I can find. There are many sub-genres of mashup and just as many artists. A good mashup takes music sampling to its logical conclusion: the best pieces of many songs getting it on in a frantic musical orgy. Some mashups are fun because they play with the recognizability of a classic (or terrible) song. Others are fun because you have no idea what the original music could possibly be; the mashup becomes the equivalent of a collage or an abstract painting.

Today’s track is an example of A vs B mashup, where two (or more) very recognizable and largely unedited hooks from songs are played side by side. When done well, it doesn’t sound like a DJ mashup at all, but an intentional crossover between two seemingly incompatible artists.
Tequila Flavored Lip Gloss, DJ Paul V

DJ Paul V, using Lil Mama’s Lip Gloss and The Champs’ Tequila to very simple but excellent effect.



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Three Word Phrase: Bully


Most of us here at E. Leventine are Ryan Pequin fanchildren. Please visit his comic.


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failed attempt

In regard to what I wrote in this postB dug out the laziest comic I have ever seen from her archives and sent it for me to post with a note. “Here is a comic, it’s totally meta. that’s an internet thing, right?”
Yeah, nice try. I still need more comics.
cant draw for crap copy


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Party Freak

partypartyparty copyPoster art by BMCMB
The text reads:
“Money, money, money, cash
Titties, titties, tits and ass
More, more, more, stop
Party, party, mess, mop”


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