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Yoshitaka Amano #2

Welcome to today’s installment of BMCMB’s feature artist curation.

Yoshitaka Amano
Brief artist bio can be found here.

Gallery pieces from Marchena collection of illustrations inspired by European folklore. The usual suspects are included: little red, sleeping beauty, snow white, little mermaid et al.

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Featured Artist: Yoshitaka Amano #1

This week, BMCMB will be doing her first Feature Artist review. Her subject is Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano. Subsequent image gallery posts will compose an online curatorial project. 

Today’s post: an introduction and background of Yoshitaka Amano, and the first image gallery.

Intro and Edit by Pont


the man himself

Yoshitaka Amano, born in 1952 at the foot of Mt Fuji, is today’s feature artist. Prepare to enter a world of somber, beautiful delicacy.

Many of you may recognize Amano’s name (or at the very least, his designs) from his work with the Final Fantasy franchise. I’ll be steering clear of this body of work, since many are familiar with them and not as many are familiar with his other pieces. I therefore encourage you to read this Kotaku article for a good Final Fantasy/Amano gallery.


I may have lied. There will be Final Fantasy pieces. I just have to restrain myself a little otherwise my serious-review pants may fall off to reveal my giddy nostalgic dork suspenders.

Amano’s career began in the animation field but by the time he was thirty, he’d grown bored and gone freelance. Besides his work in video games, Amano’s portfolio notably includes work on Vampire Hunter D, and cult Japanese film Angel’s Egg (with legendary director Mamoru Oshii).

Also; some fascinating, genre-bending work, like a visual concert 1001 Nights. It comprised of a live orchestral performance featuring an original score by David Newman, played alongside Amanos signature animation. Next time you have half an hour to spare, please watch the video below because it is stunning (fans of Fantasia take special note).

And if all that is somehow not enough for you, he’s also worked with Neil Gaiman on the Sandman series.


Having sufficiently preambled, I present to you my first  hand picked Yoshitaka Amano gallery.

From Biten

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Meme Monday: Weegee



Oh, Weegee. You were my first true meme love. Originating on /v/, Weegee’s blank, vacant stare has been there, ready to make things awkward since 2007.  The iconically and unintentionally terrifying Weegee sprite was first used in Mario is Missinga reportedly terrible game that starred Luigi as the protagonist for the first time.

weegee actual screencap

“Mario is Missing” actual screencap

With the advent of the internet, this nearly forgotten Luigi incarnation was given new life by user MonkeyInCloset and has been applied liberally wherever awkwardness and general unease is called for. Despite his popularity on 4chan and in Youtube Poops, Weegee is an aquired taste IRL. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had friends sit and stare mildly at a Weegee image thread while I laugh so hard I end up making multiple trips for fresh panties.

Early use of Weegee


Weegee robin ood


weegee board

Following an official endorsement by 4chan founder Moot and the widespread use of Weegee on /b/ and other 4chan boards, the meme is now considered by internet elitists (ahem… anonymous et al) to be dead. Weegee’s spirit lives on, however, in the hearts and minds of those who just… can’t… look away…

Allow me to play you out with some videos.


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