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The Colorful Blasé: Fashionable Friends

FINALLY, a new Colorful Blasé submission from BMCMB. I’m not even going to explain how difficult it was to get this out of her.

Regarding this comic, I have a feeling things are only going to get more painful and embarrassing from here. Did I mention this is all autobiagraphical?
Click image for full-size.



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Three Word Phrase: Bully


Most of us here at E. Leventine are Ryan Pequin fanchildren. Please visit his comic.


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failed attempt

In regard to what I wrote in this postB dug out the laziest comic I have ever seen from her archives and sent it for me to post with a note. “Here is a comic, it’s totally meta. that’s an internet thing, right?”
Yeah, nice try. I still need more comics.
cant draw for crap copy


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Straw Feminists (Kate Beaton)

click for full comic
straw feminists

Kate Beaton is a Canadian cartoonist (Hark! A Vagrant). Also, she is one of the coolest, funniest dames on the internet. Also, a really fantastic feminist. Feminists making fun of feminists is one of the best, most productive things you can do to create dialogue within the movement.

Whenever I see a feminist on TV, she’s always like “Ugh, oh my god, men.  I hate all of  them, I’m a feminist.” In reality, very few women actively hate all men. We all have fathers and brothers and sons we love, so when I see women like this in fiction, I’m like “Who is writing this crap?”
Well. I suppose Kate Beaton is, but she’s allowed.


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Three Word Phrase- Chaud

Three Word Phrase

Ryan Pequin, you are a goldmine and a national treasure, sir. Holla to all my French Canadian bitches! Who else is excited about McDonald’s free coffee week? I AM. I seriously score like five free coffees a day when they pull these stunts. Because I am TROUBLE and I will


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Disney Morning (upcoming series: Colorful Blasé)

disney mornin complete copy

This is a preview of The Colorful Blasé, a “mostly autobiographical” comic series upcoming from BMCMB. It will be hosted at comicfury.com, along with other comics from members of the E. Leventine collective. Light a fire under your ass, B, we need more of this. Our other cartoonist is even lazier than you are.


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Short Comic: Julia Wertz (I <3 NY)

Click the image for the full one-page comic.


Julia Wertz writes autobiographical cartoons, some of which are archived on her website (http://www.JuliaWertz.com) and others published in her books. During the course of her comics (which spans from 2003-present), she has been based in both San Francisco and Brooklyn New York and when I was in high school I had plans to go to San Fran and stalk her like a groupie.

Julia is gross, which for me, is the best part. But despite her best efforts (or more likely because of them) her comics can be very poignant in the most irreverent ways. She has written about her childhood, her sexual experiences, her parents divorce, addictions, mental health problems, her diagnosis with lupus, all while maintaining the illusion that she just don’t give a fuck.

Please join her in not giving any.


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Darkness (short story comic)

Click on the image for the full comic.

dark roomie bouletcorp

This one-shot comic comes to you from French cartoonist Boulet.

We all have one of those legendarily enigmatic and impossibly fascinating friends. Dont you just hate those assholes?


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Three Word Phrase

❤ Ryan Pequin.

Help save RYAN PEQUIN’S sick pet!!!

Three Word Phrase

ursa urn

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Mega Momma

golembook, you are a  genius. Today, Mega Momma happened to me.

So it’s about a WOMAN who is running for PRESIDENT (*monocle pop*) And through events involving a bear, a bird and radioactivity, she becomes superhero Mega Momma. There really is nothing more you need to know about this. Read it. The bear wears a really fantastic suit.

bear mama

Favorite Quotes

I’m a bear. I think I’ll drink from the river. I’m so thirsty!


I swear I’m a Democrat!

Now that I have the power of a bird and a bear, I am Mega Momma!

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