The Colorful Blasé: Fashionable Friends

FINALLY, a new Colorful Blasé submission from BMCMB. I’m not even going to explain how difficult it was to get this out of her.

Regarding this comic, I have a feeling things are only going to get more painful and embarrassing from here. Did I mention this is all autobiagraphical?
Click image for full-size.



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Don’t be mean to my baby.

Click for full-size image.

jellusss editBMCMB has been shaming me for my extended period of laziness. Sufficiently shamed, I offer this sketch of B’s for sacrifice. Part of the Sleep Project.


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Meme Monday: X? In my Y?

A very simple meme, X in my Y all started with this online ad by ContentWatch. You may remember it.

x in my y source

Something about this ad just hit that internet sweet spot. The combination of porn, family values, and the holier-than-thou look on that woman’s face resulted in a wealth of image macro goodness.

The simplicity of this meme lends itself well to characters of all mediums. Just imagine their outraged voices incredulously exclaiming, “X? In my Y?” Now just replace the X and Y with themes from your favorite movie/book/whatever, and make sure you use Apple Garamond Light. The internet is very strict about this.

snakes my plane

pirates my carribean
my mordor

milouse my meme

References to Milhouse? In my article? It’s more likely than you think.

Wait, hold on folks, I’m now being told that it’s not Monday. Ok, disregard this. Disregard the whole article.


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The Beat Came Back

It’s been a while since B has submitted something so recently drawn. It belongs under the Sleep Project. If memory
serves, these “sleep” illustrations span 2008-present.
band bpm


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Pont’s Comics: Simpsons Illustrated, Vol 1 (1991)

I promised in the teaser that I’d be taking requests. Dead Homer’s Society, a super keen Simpson’s blog you should visit, mentioned my Simpsons comics in this postClose enough, request granted.

Simpsons Illustrated, Vol 1

The first series of Simpsons Illustrated comics were published between 1991 and 1993, and read half as a fan magazine, and half as a publication within the Simpsons universe, including mock advertisements, news articles and fake products.

Today I’ll be looking through Vol 1 and posting my favorite bits. If you notice anything in the index you’d like to see, tell me so in the comments, and I will scan it for you. Speaking of index:

simpsons illustrated vol 1 index edit

Usually I’d be posting the cover page first, but my copy of Simpsons Illustrated Vol 1 has no cover. These comics are not well tended for. Oh well, all the better to fold and scan them!

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firePart of The Sleep Project by BMCMB.
She’s been hinting recently that some of this mess she’s been submitting has a grander theme and does connect in a story-type way. I don’t know, sounds like the rambling of a madwoman to me.
The misshaped text reads (or so B tells me):

There’s a greed in that fire
Spit, Crackle, Hiss


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Texual Transcripts 4 (ursa and SD)

The following is a transcription of today’s business meeting between ursa urn and Stuart Driedger. Other transcriptions are found here.

  • SD (Stuart Driedger)
    Yeah I’d like to speak with upper management
  • ursa
    please hold whilst i place your call
  • SD
  • ursa

  • SD
    How do i get in touch with E anyways?
  • ursa
    ha! you’re talking to the wrong peon
  • SD
    Listen, I gotta ask him why I don’t have my own header yet.
  • ursa
    there’s no way thats ever gonna happen
    even beiber doesn’t have a header and i hear she’s famous
  • SD
    Yeah well let me ask him myself
  • ursa
    does not compute…
    it seems i’m having problems connect on this motorola
    it says right here that my GSM 7200 doesn’t recieve texts
    you’ll have to try back whither before or after christmas

    Paul Christoforo, wither before or after wwebsite as on the internet

    Paul Christoforo, wither before or after wwebsite as on the internet

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15 The Devil


Part of BMCMBs Tarot Project. Card 15, The Devil.
So… we’re not doing the cards in order anymore, or what, B? Also sign up for an account, already, so you can reply to these snide little comments I make. I know you’re reading this.


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S.S. Oystertron

oystertron edit

Airship S.S. Oystertron, BMCMB circa 2009. I kind of hate her for drawing this, because now I will never be content until I live in one of these things, physics be damned.


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failed attempt

In regard to what I wrote in this postB dug out the laziest comic I have ever seen from her archives and sent it for me to post with a note. “Here is a comic, it’s totally meta. that’s an internet thing, right?”
Yeah, nice try. I still need more comics.
cant draw for crap copy


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